BEASSY BS1 shaft

BEASSY BS1 shaft
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The simpler, the better..
The one piece shaft with thicker ending

“The perfect shaft is made by hand. Under the eye of the master galvanizing life into the Shafts with precise technology of manufacturing to guarantee immaculate Partner for your game.”
– BEASSYTM shaft maker masters
The difference between the BS1 and BS2 one piece shafts is the diameter of the tip. The tip of the BS1 shaft is thicker, what makes the still sensitive and flexible shaft more accurate and stable for the less expert hands. Ensures the feeling of a high class game for the amateur players as well, as the high technical skills of the shaft does not require the highest quality professional shooting.

  The light and flexible one piece shaft made from straight grained maple wood with no grain run-off without splicing, which ensures that the power run along in straight line without any refraction, giving a more trustable feel for those players who doesn’t like the spliced shafts.
The heart: The BEASSYTM developed new technology Staggered Double Bore in the heart of the shaft provides the ideal flexibility and fluency of the stroke.
The shape: the new Waist&Triple-taper technology, also developed by BEASSYTM brings the true professionalism in the game what was never seen before. The B shafts contrariwise tapered behind the tip till the waist, the thinest part of the shaft, then it begins to widen till the lower part of the shaft, and finally widening again at the thickest part, where the shaft meets the butt.
What makes the amateur hands closer to the expert’s game beside the double taper is the finest union of the third taper, the Waist and the Staggered Double Bore Heart, to perform the demanding and even extreme shots and position play with perfect accuracy.
The union of the Staggered Double Bore Heart and the thin Waist makes the shaft super flexible, so it allowes to perform extreme position play seemed to be impossible till now. To retain the super flexibility, but reduce the percentage of inaccuracy to the minimum, the shaft got a thicker ending, a contrariwise taper to ensure the precision of the technical skills of the shaft, allowing you to enjoy a high class game.

Tip diameter:
12,2 mm
Tip: laminated leather tip
Ferrule: Unbreakable thermoplastic ferrule with perfect chalk resistance
Taper: Waist&Triple-taper BEASSYTM developed new technology
Standard shaft length: 29″ optional
Ring: Stainless Steel ring
Joint: BEASSYTM HSL joint (Hermetic Swift Lock joint) M10×1,5