„Everybody has the own Dream Cue in mind, as I also was  drawing and making designs for mine many years ago. Having a huge amount of sketches, was looking up for cuemakers and factories to create my own Dream Cue with the new trend: the finest design work with extreme solutions and with the best playability and quality, of course. The expectations were high, what needed unprecedented new technology.

Mission impossible – was the answere from everywhere. But I never give up.” B. Dobossy, The Cue Designer.

BEASSY history illustrationIn 2007 the BEASSYTM Team was founded for collecting and testing the work of professionals in the main crafts what is needed for building up the new series of BEASSYTM cues. After few hard years the perfect Team grew up with the best professionals and artists of cuemakers, goldsmiths, leather specialists, metal workers, engineers, designers and the other important craftsmen in the fine works. 15-30 years of experience behind of them, the best of each professions could easily bring their highest efficiency. Harmonizing the work between the artist and cuemakers, the work of the designers and engineers could start. BEASSYTM was on the right way to be ready for the extreme challenges.

BEASSY history illustration 2

BEASSY cues in the making

From 2009 the BEASSYTM factory started testing and refining the results of the many new developments with success. World class players were also involved in the technical innovations and testing to have the highest quality not just in luxurious materials and art works but in technical skills as well.

From 2011 the unique BEASSYTM cues are already available for those players in the world, who has the claim for the stylish, luxury and high performance hand made cues.