Rose LengthenEnd

Series: ROSE series
Rose LengthenEnd
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The Rose LengthenEnd is a cue extension from BEASSYTM fits to the BEASSYTM cues from Rose series made of high gloss solid rose wood. With its 7″ length helps in most of the long shots. As its material and diameter size is the same as the cue has, gives the confortable feel during the stroke. The BEASSYTM designed cut cone housing ensures not just the feel but the perfect joint of cue & LengthenEnd.
Weight: 7 oz
Length: 7″
Butt: high gloss solid rose wood
Collar: high-polished Stainless Steel BEASSYTM designed cut cone housing for the perfect feel and joint of Cue-LengthenEnd union.
Joint: Perunal (M10×3)
Buttcap: Stainless Steel BEASSYTM designed cut cone buttcap
Bumper: black BEASSYTM designed cut cone rubber