The Brand

Mr-Beassy The BEASSYTM was made for representing the absolute high class of the brands. On the stereotyped market of the billiard cues, the series of BEASSYTM is a real Pearl, what precedes its epoch.
Beside the precise technology of manufacturing, the interesting choice and combinations of materials and the special insets innovations make the cues revolutionary. Instead of the ordinary patterns, the hand made fine art works dominate, what completes the uique BEASSYTM design.
To maintain the high limit of BEASSYTM, only high quality materials are used. The finest row materials are sorted by hand during the quality control, what garantees for BEASSYTM cues its luxury.
The engineering work is a real challenge with the technical innovations to have the highest quality not just in luxurious materials and art works but in technical skills as well. In order to ensure the wide range of possibilities for players during their game, BEASSYTM had to develop unprecedented technologies and make several refinements.
The combination of great technical skills of the cues, the choice of finest materials and unique design gives the Royal place for the series of BEASSYTM.