X7 Paramount

X7 Paramount

Prestigious power and luxury for the Real Man

The X7 Paramount indicates rigor, potency and charm with its impressive appearance. This cue is the prime example of dominant masculinity.

The X-series is the cue manifestation of car imaginations, inspired by a great number of impressive creations of the automobile industry. The unique style of the x carbon cues is reflected by the carefully combined design elements as carbon fiber pattern, metal components with hexagon socket head screws or the perforated leather inset, all that the automotive design uses as well. But the design focuses not only on the outer shape of the X cues, but concentrates on the combination of form and function. The proportional setting of the metal decor parts and the special interlocking technology of the tripartite butt give the right balance and the most effective power transferring, which takes advantage of its weight, and gives professional playability to the X cues. With any of the flexible BEASSYTM shafts, the X prodigies not just stand all demands, but having guideline for the future, in order to further satisfy the expectations of the customers, being either car enthusiast or ambitious pool players having high standards.

Weight: 21 oz
Shaft: BS1 or BS2 shaft (B shaft or BPro shaft)
Standard shaft length: 29” optional
Collar: high-polished Stainless Steel
Joint: Stainless Steel, BEASSYTM HSL joint (Hermetic Swift Lock joint) M10x1,5
Forearm and sleeve: black and metal colored carbon fiber patterned coat on solid maple wood
Ring: 2 high gloss metal extravagant rings encompassing the grip
Grip: 2 metal stick insets with design screws, in black colored perforated premium leather wrap
Buttcap: Stainless Steel BEASSYTM designed cut cone buttcap

Bumper: black BEASSYTM designed cut cone rubber with metal joint for the X Carbon Lengtheners